Green Ash – Green Olive

When we got married, twenty-seven years ago today, we had a fairly small wedding, and after a brief stop at the Coliseum for a drink,  the theatre in Oldham, we repaired via the Navigation, our then local, to a small restaurant called the Green Ash. There were only about two dozen of us but we had a marvellous evening with wonderful food.

The Green Ash restaurant in Denshaw was a small place, with accommodation, so we had it to ourselves, and we chose a menu from the á la carte so our guests had choice but it limited it to make it easier for the kitchen catering for our select party. I can’t now remember what we had – I do still have the menu somewhere, but I know I had venison and pigeon – one was a starter, the other the main but which way round it was… who knows?!

Tonight we’re going out for a meal to a restaurant two hundred and fifty odd miles from the Green Ash which no longer exists. We’re going to our favourite, Green Olive. We’ve been so many times before but we always enjoy it and always have a wonderful meal. The only tricky thing is choosing what to have from the menu! We may very well have gone there this time last year for our anniversary… and maybe we’ll also go next year!

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