Things I like about Bridgwater

Bridgwater, a town on the Somerset coast situated on the River Parrett, is a town we often visit, and we visit because we like it! It’s described as a large Somerset town, and was in its day an important port although it no longer has any shipping as the river through the town is very silted. For some reason many people can’t see the great things about this place and seem mystified that we like it so much.

So here in no particular order are some of the reasons we like Bridgwater:

  • its history, it’s mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon chronicle, King Alfred may have burnt the cakes nearby – then fought the Danes at the Battle of Cynwit which was probably at Cannington; during the 11th century Second Barons’ War against Henry III, Bridgwater was held by the barons against the King; Bridgwater’s peasants  took part in the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381… and more, much more… first Guy Fawkes night in the country, Civil War, Monmouth Rebellion… and so on
  • its museums – the Blake Museum and the Brick Museum
  • its famous people – Admiral Robert Blake, artist John Chubb, Breaker Morant and others
  • its interesting little streets and unexpected archaeology
  • its docks
  • the West Quay
  • The Green Olive Restaurant
  • the traces of the castle you come upon unexpectedly
  • the best Coffee #1
  • the market
  • the quirky shops
  • the Carnival
  • the Church of St Mary

  • … and much more!


  1. david lewis

    You’re lucky to have so many interesting places to visit so close to home.When my cousin came to visit years ago from England he said he’d seen enough rocks and trees to last a life time.We are right in the middle of the great lakes and 500 miles in any direction of any place worth going.

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    1. Lois

      We are lucky indeed, such variety in such a small area. I don’t know if you can see Caerffilli Castle on Google earth, it’s really amazing – and from the castle there are wonderful views across to the hills.


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