NaNo day 2…

I seem to have lost my writing focus a little – maybe juggling too many creative balls? I have decided this year, not exactly to plan, but maybe to have a daily focus. I’ve also decided that if I share it here, it’s a target up there to remind me! I’m going to try to post each day with a thought or an idea or a target – it may help, it may become an extra thing to think about! Some of these posts I guess will be quite short so I’m thinking of adding a nice photo, or maybe a short verse (mine or someone else’s!) at the beginning .

Day 1 – November 2nd 2018

Begin at the beginning (2) Yesterday I outlined the introduction to Winterdyke, and to put it in context as something different, I described the pattern I had used for my other novels. Having (I hope) completed the new introduction and my normal introduction yesterday, the actual story begins.
With all beginnings the first sentence is important, but it may not be properly satisfactory until much later – maybe even in the final editings of the completed story! This opening chapter or chapters, might not be the beginning as I progress through the story. As I write, I might find it needs to be changed and altered… we shall see…

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