NaNo day 6

I’ve decided this year, not exactly to plan my NaNo attempt, but maybe to have a daily focus. I’ve also decided that if I share it here, it’s a target up there to remind me! I’m going to try to post each day with a thought or an idea or a target – it may help, it may become an extra thing to think about! 

Because my main character Thomas Radwinter is a way from his family (and friends) there needs to be a certain amount of filling in about what has happened between the last book and this – without giving away anything which might spoil someone reading the other books for the first time later – this will be difficult because of the relationships between the characters and each other and their families. However, if the story is just in this particular setting, because it is such a closed environment, then it might be both too boring, and also there can’t be any sub-plots – unless the subplots are story-lines which Thomas is reflecting on and thinking about – this can run through the book but shouldn’t become a distraction from the main plot – although they will have to have intrigue and excitement too

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