Bubble and squeak, a refinement

I’m having a bit of a foodie focus this November, and looking at The National Mark Calendar of Cooking, I find a recipe for bubble and squeak:

Everyone knows that delicious mixture of fried slices of boiled beef and a cake of mixed potatoes and greens. But not everyone knows this refinement!
When you are frying the potatoes and greens, mix them with one or two beaten eggs (according to the size of the cake) cook this thoroughly and see what a difference it makes.

Black pepper is better as a seasoning here than white, too.

Bubble and squeak was not something we had at home when I was a child; my dad was very particular about greens and how they were cooked – as fresh as possible and as quickly as possible and onto the table as soon as was possible. Other left vegetables would be used in rissoles or mince meat. He didn’t like left over greens in anything so no doubt if there were any after a meal they went onto the compost heap. We did used to have plain fried left-over mashed potato and that to me is one of the most delicious things there is!

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