NaNo day 15

I’m  posting something every day – a thought or an idea or a target – to try and keep me on target to reach that 50,000 word target!

I – and my potential readers,  should  have a clear idea where the story is going, and what they want to find out. I think there’ are two storylines which have developed, Thomas’s present, and his memories of things which happened at home six months ago. Both the now story and the family back-home story have to have clear story-lines, so it might be worth taking a little time-out to check whether things make sense!. Since the start,  new things and new aspects of of the story have occurred, and in some ways it’s going in different directions –  but I must check that I’m not bogged down in a plot which is going nowhere, going backwards, or just wandering off in the wrong direction!


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