NaNo day 16

So what’s my focus today? Something I often mention in my creative writing groups…

Use the senses – Thomas’s senses, obviously but I must be aware of evoking sense repsonses for the reader – I’m not always very good at show don’t tell, so this will be a good reminder for me! There are other senses which can make the story more realistic and imaginable – thermoception (heat, cold), nociception (pain), equilibrioception/ vestibulation (balance, gravity),proprioception (body awareness. There is also the sense of space and location in space, and the sense of time passing

In this story, set in winter, heat and cold will certainly be important – and there can also be a spiritual or mental thermoception – especially since Thomas is away from his family.


  1. david lewis

    Thanks for mentioning proprioception as after having back surgery the feelings are coming back in my legs and feet and I’m having to deal with balance and reaction again. It’s good to have knowledge on the subject before my next visit to the doctor and physiotherapist.

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