Nano day 23

I should be quite focused now, I should know where I’m going, and if I’m struggling with the main narrative, I have the other back stories to work on.

Following on from yesterday’s focus, the story should be really coming together and I should be heading towards 40,000 words; have a look at (i) the extras – information your readers need to understand the story, (ii) the complications – unexpected events which change the situation (iii) the climax – maybe you can already see this,  the exciting bits when everything changes, the turning point. I don’t need to have reached it yet, but maybe I can write it now if it’s fresh in your mind (NaNo does this – it allows you to see the whole story as you write in a way which doesn’t happen with more measured writing) and (iv) the solution – how the story comes to an end – this might not be the end, actual ends are really difficult to write, sometimes they are literally the last thing you do write!


  1. david lewis

    Let me guess at the pictures.The Knightstone causeway in Weston and the Eastover bridge in Bridgewater. Keep plugging away at the novel as your almost there.Plus you’ve given me a lot of advise and a reason to try and write myself.

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    1. Lois

      You are quite right!! Well done!! You really must get writing, you have such great stories, such interesting ideas and points of view, and you are so witty and astute in the way you express yourself!!


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