Something warming? Try lamb casserole

I’m having a foody November and it’s pretty chilly so I think my family might enjoy a nice stew…

Lamb casserole

3 lbs middle neck of lamb – or for my fusspots, 2 lbs lamb off the bone
3 leeks, washed and chopped
6 skinned tomatoes or 1 tin of tomatoes
½ lb carrots, scraped, topped and tailed, small ones left whole, large ones cut in chunks
2 cloves garlic
2 dsps plain flour
¾ pint stock
1 bay leaf (or 2 – I don’t think one would be detectable – except by my dad who was very sensitive to its taste!)
½ lb haricot or other beans, soaked and cooked, or use a tin

  1. fry the onions in oil or other fat in a pan, then put in casserole
  2. do as above with the leeks
  3. add the meat rolled in the flour and brown that too, then also add to the casserole
  4. add all the other ingredients to the casserole, including any left over flour
  5. cook for 1½ hours 325°F, 160°C, gas mark 3, or 3½ hours in a slow-cooker or slow oven
  6. serve with jacket spuds and lots of butter – or sour cream and chives

This can be made the day before, it matures with keeping!


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