Nano day 27

When I first started this, and when i first started trying to set targets for myself, I said I seemed to have lost my writing focus a little – maybe juggling too many creative balls?  I’ve cleared the decks of all other writing over the last twenty-six days, even doing my ‘homework’ for my November writing group meetings in advance! I hope that this year NaNo has not only helped me towards my next book, but maybe got me to prioritise my writing.

So… Four more writing  days, just four… If my mind is totally empty, I’ll go back to my characters and re-describe them, just to get me back into writing – they’ve probably evolved and changed from the early chapters twenty or so days ago. Write conversations between them – even if it’s all cut out later, edited from your story, it won’t be wasted, you’ll have learned something!

A famous painting by Joseph Wright of Derby… but who are these people? How are they connected? What are they thinking? What will happen next?

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