A treasure trove

I’ve been writing so much about my family history over recent years, looking at photos, investigating genealogical mysteries – rel ones not my imagined ones, and quizzing cousins about what they remember.

One of the things I’ve written about is the annual family Christmas party which has happened every year since I was about four years old… so a mighty long time ago! each year our cousins gather, and how lucky we are that Father Christmas always finds his way to visit!! Now our aunty who started it all is long gone, though fondly remembered, but we carry on, and some of my cousins are now grandparents!

We were all gathered together and were having a great catch-up when one cousin arrived with a most amazing gift for me… She had unexpectedly come across an autograph book belonging to our grandma. It’s dated from the early 1900’s and is not just a collection of signatures – in those days, autographs were accompanied by poems and other verse, little drawings and painting, quotes and sayings. How wonderful! What a fabulous link with the past! Our grandma died when we were only very little girls so to have this link with her is just extraordinary – and most touching.

I haven’t yet looked at it; I want to sit down in a quiet place and enjoy getting in touch with grandma, and maybe discover a few more things about our past… How very kind of my cousin t give it to me… a real family heirloom…

Grandma… Ida Isobel Walford


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