When I was  brownie, long, long ago before everyone became scouts, we had to learn all sorts of interesting things to pass the various badges. Some moved you up to being second in command of the brownie ‘six’ – you became a ‘seconder’, and then on to lead the six when you became a ‘sixer’. Other badges were for particular things like swimming, which of course I passed as swimming was my passion! My featured image shows my swimming badge. I remember on one occasion we had to go to someone’s house and boil potatoes – I have no idea what badge that entitled me to.

One thing I really loved… and sadly few other brownies shared my interest, was semaphore. Even now I remember some of the signals, but I never ever had to use it any meaningful way… maybe i should use it in one of my stories!

Here is a story told in semaphore – it starts about a minute into the video… I hope you enjoy it!!


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