More advent calendars

I wrote yesterday about advent calendars, the ones we have in the house and the ones my sister and I had when we were children. A friend of mine, a very talented and clever friend of mine has been sharing an advent calendar on Facebook. Everyday she posts a little video, usually musical but today she was doing impressions!

So far…

Day 1: one of The Mavericks’ new festive tunes from their new Christmas album, Hey! Merry Christmas
Day 2: ‘Honey-Pie‘ from the Beatles’ White Album which is 50 this year!
Day 3:… quote “Back in the Summer, the unique (ish!) HABBAH… played their debut show on the Sunday of Warwick Folk Festival. Well, they have reunited for a Christmas version of the tune that ‘wowed’ (?) the crowds, Mamma Mia! This was a lot of fun to make with the brilliant Bill Bates”
Day 4: ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ on the banjolele
Day 5: a La-La Land spoof video
Day 6: jokes
Day 7: ‘Jingle Bells‘ on the washboard
Day 8: a Christmas blues style song!
Today: impressions of the Strictly Come Dancing judges

They are so hilarious, but unless you’re a Facebook friend you won’t be able to see them – but what a fun idea, and it’s a good idea because it’s raising money for a very good cause, the Marie Curie cancer care charity.

Yesterday I came across another on-line advent calendar… all about geology! I don’t know much about it but it does fascinate me… here’s where you can find out more from The Geological Society of London blog, :

All these advent calendars, real and on-line set me wondering… would it be possible to do one here on my blog… hmmm, must think, sounds a fun idea!






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