So how was David Copperfield for you?

As I mentioned yesterday, today it was book club where we were to discuss David Copperfield, not at our usual venue but at a café we like to frequent., It was a writing chum’s birthday so  I met up with them first on Weston’s Grand Pier in the Tiffany Lounge for lunch, which we enjoyed with a couple of glasses of bubbly stuff to accompany the exchange of presents for a birthday boy.

After a very nice lunch we emerged from the restaurant, went through the arcade and emerged… into torrential rain. Fortunately there is a covered way down the central promenade so we were able to walk the quarter of a kilometre or so of its length dry, before we had to leave the shelter and enter the torrent. We walked from the pier to what was the Tropicana pool, and now accommodates the Bay café, by which time we were utterly sodden, right through to the skin.

Fortified with coffee we joined our reading group chums who were all nice and dry and we began our discussion… that is, we discussed how we all were, what we’d been doing recently since we last met, what we were doing for Christmas, what else we were reading… oh, and had we finished David Copperfield. Three people had finished the whole book, several of us were a good way through, one had been rather busy and was probably more acquainted with the cover than the contents! This isn’t a strict and condemning book club, we like each other’s company and enjoy being together and discussing the variety of the books we read, but if someone hasn’t managed to task then they are more than welcome to come and sit and join in!

There are so many things to mention from our discussion… the contrasts, the descriptions, the themes, the hilarious parts, the moving episodes, the great characters (good, pathetic, funny, evil) the way so many things have changed in this country, and sadly so many things have stayed the same, redemption, retribution, rewards for goodness, and sometimes inexplicable rewards for badness… We all had something to say, and the nine of us didn’t stop talking, except to sip our coffee/chocolate/beer (yes, Brian had beer)

As ever we had a great discussion, enjoying each other’s company as much as ever – ages ranging from twenties to eighties, and we’re all looking forward to meeting again in January to discuss ‘Exit Lines’ by Joan Barfoot.

A few of us carried on the meeting across the road in our friend’s hotel… if anyone needs a first class hotel in Weston-super-Mare, look no further than the Sunfold – open from March to September:

The Sunfold Christmas tree – the photographer was lopsided, not the tree!

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