Film challenge

There’s a challenge going round to name seven films which mean something to you, one on each day of a week. The instruction is that you don’t need to say anything at all about your choice, but being me, I found it impossible not to add a sentence or two about the pictures I picked.

The first I chose was ‘The Third Man’ and I commented – This was the first time I realised that a hero could be a villain and a villain could have allure… and maybe it started my attraction to chunky men with intelligent eyes!

Day two was ‘Hot Fuzz’ – This film has become part of my everyday life… endlessly quotable, and what heroes Nicholas and Danny are!

Day 3 I picked ‘Minority Report’: This reawakened my dormant love of sci-fi… I don’t even like Tom Cruise but what a film… I still jump at the scene by the pool..

Day 4 I chose ‘The Magnificent Seven’: I was a cowboy when I was a child and galloped round on my invisible horse, my imagination then and still now takes me to many distant places, distant in time and place!!

… and day 5 ‘Cabaret’: I was just captivated by the character Sally Bowles, her sassy courage, her humour and the poignancy of her true situation always moved me

I wonder what I shall pick for the next two days… so many choices… maybe i should do ten days instead of seven!


    1. Lois

      Great choices! Yes, the Godfather may well go on my list… I don’t really remember Shane/Alan Ladd although I have seen it but do remember the book vividly, … and Ice Cold in Alex, yes classic film! But do you know, I’ve never seen Wonderful Life… yes, seems impossible but it’s so!


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