Twelve days of Christmas quiz: days 7-12

This year the book club Christmas quiz was all about the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas… a couple of days ago I shared the first six days, here are the next six:

7 Swans a-swimming
The Wild Swans at Cool was written by which Irish poet?
What is the five letter title of the book by Jenny Landreth about swimming, subtitled ‘A Waterbiography’?

8 Maids a-milking
Who was the Maid of Orleans?
Which tragic maid did Thomas Hardy write about?

9 Ladies dancing
Who was known as ‘The Nine Day Queen’?
Who won the first ever Strictly Come Dancing? … and who won last year’s competition?

10 Lords a-leaping
Which lord wrote ‘The Fourth Estate’ and ‘Kane and Abel’
Although associated with Weston-super-Mare, where was he actually born, and where does he live now?
When is the next Leap Year?

11 Pipers piping
Scolopacidae are waders or shorebirds… what is their more common name?
Where would you find piping on an item of clothing?

12 Drummers drumming
Which of these is not also known as a drummer:

Drummer – a travelling salesman, one who “drums up” business
Drummer –  an indie rock band
Drummer –  a gay male leather magazine
The Drummer – a book F. Scott Fitzgerald
Drummer –  a species of cockroach

Which bird is well-known for drumming?

Answers tomorrow



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