Christmas stories

I might share again the story of the very tall man in the Father Christmas onesie, the posh lady and the drunk at the petrol station, or I might tell the story of the bowl of dripping, the pyjamas and the broken down car, or the year we didn’t get a Christmas tree because they had all sold out, or maybe the annual event of the baker trying to find the drunks’ turkeys in his bread oven… or the night the three brothers-in-law and the father of the family remembered they hadn’t got a Christmas tree… or the rum Christmas, or the time the removals men came on December 23rd, loaded the furniture, drove two hundred miles south, and Christmas was spent on packing cases… oh and the journey up to Sheffield to spend the holiday with cousins in a car with no heating in the blizzard of 1962

Maybe I should tell twelve Christmas tales, including the above, over the twelve days of Christmas… does that mean I should start on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? … and finish on January 5th or 6th? The twelve days would also include new Year stories… I’m not sure I have so many of them, but I could certainly make them up! I would have t include the play, Twelfth Night, in which I made my stage debut and had my final performance, simultaneously.

Stories planned so far for my Twelve Tales of Christmas:

  1. Mincemeat, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake… now which bowl of mixture was which?
  2. The long journey
  3. Moving house on December 23rd
  4. The forgotten Christmas tree, 1949
  5. The forgotten Christmas tree 1969
  6. Midnight Soup
  7. The bowl of dripping, the pyjamas and the broken down car
  8. Father Christmas in his onesie
  9. the baker, the drunks and their turkeys
  10. The rum Christmas
  11. Twelfth Night

… and number twelve seems missing… this needs thinking about! Look out tomorrow for the story of the almost cooking disaster… the story of three bowls of marinating mixture, pudding, cake and mincemeat…

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