Christmas eve, now and then…

So tonight, presents wrapped, turkey coming to room temperature ready for the oven tomorrow, Father Christmas having organised stockings, we drifted down to the pub the four of us. It was very busy as you might expect, heaving with folk, a few of whom we knew, but mostly strangers. These strangers are not necessarily strangers to the pub – because we visit at particular times on particular days we only see and meet certain people, other times, other faces!

Husband and I had or usual, a couple of pints of Otter, son had an Italian beer off the pump, and non-drinking daughter had a coke. It was so busy there was nowhere to sit so we stood at the bar, chatting to our lovely smiley barman. A table became available and we moved to sit, and then we chatted and laughed, and watched others in their Christmas jumpers… a lovely sociable evening.

I remarked about Christmas Eve in times gone by, when I would walk the children round the village because they were too excited to sleep, ready for Father Christmas! We would pick dry grass to leave for the reindeer, and having stayed out until nearly dusk, unusual for them as they had set bedtimes, we would head home, have something toe at, bath, story and bed… and even then it would take a long time for sleep to come!

Now they are grown up, but they still go to bed on Christmas Eve hoping Father Christmas will visit!


  1. david lewis

    I told my granddaughter to leave some carrots for the reindeer as well as cookies for Santa. A real deer came onto there property during the night, ate the carrots and left his tracks in the snow. I could’t wish for any better Christmas gift. I love her so much and wish she lived closer to us. Merry Christmas to you and yours from an old softie in Canada!

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