A quick trip to the pub

We usually jaunt down to the Dolphin on a Sunday hoping to catch up with our two chums, the T’s. However neither were there and I have a feeling one T is away with his wife, and the other may be on a cruise with his spouse.

There was a group of chaps in our usual seats, having a good old natter; we didn’t know any of them but I got the feeling they were a group of friends meeting for a post-Christmas catch-up. We sat in the cross-benches and soon the most smiley and happy bar person in the world had supplied us with a couple of pints of Otter and we sat chatting and gossiping about this and that..

A third T came wandering in and wished us the compliments of the season; he’d been away over Christmas and was back to check his fluid-levels… it’s the only reason to drink beer, to keep your fluid levels up! Another regular came in and sat at the bar; I think he must be in catering as he was saying he was going to have a busy night tomorrow on New Year’s Eve with nearly two hundred covers. We had another couple of Otters, and our son had an expensive but very nice Italian beer and then, last orders called, we wandered home, down the middle of the road of our quiet Somerset village.

We settled down, me to write, them to watch football on TV, and decided we should sample the gift our son’s friend had given us – three bottles of Penderyn whisky. I know whisky is normally associated with Scotland and Ireland, but Wales produce a very fine whisky.

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