Winning the lottery

We’ve just been watching the news about the lucky couple from Moira, County Down, who won a huge amount on the lottery. As we don’t enter the lottery we weren’t surprised that we hadn’t won but we began to wonder what we might do if we ever by some fluke did come into money, huge amounts of money. Would it change us? Of course it would!

I guess the first thing we would do would be to take a few days to recover from the shock. We certainly wouldn’t go public with our winnings, that would change us completely, to be become celebrities for what we have rather than what we did – I hope I don’t seem to be criticising others, this is just us. Like the Irish couple, we would want to share our good fortune, with our friends and family, but also to various charities we support. If it was a really mind-boggling amount, as has just been won, then I would want to give away most of it to the charities I already support.

If we had a more modest win, just enough to do up the house, or maybe move to another, to buy a different car, to just upgrade little things like our wardrobes and our furniture then I guess we would want to travel. Not in great luxury, although maybe with a little more leg-room for my very tall husband! I’d love to return to Iceland and see more of the country, away from the tourist areas. I would really love to visit Siberia – I guess I would need several months on that trip! Most of all I would like to return to Tasmania.

So what else… a studio for my husband, a larger writing area than the cubby-hole I now inhabit, a library, a large kitchen, somewhere we could eat outside… A swimming pool? Maybe or maybe a house by a lake so I could swim in the lake and have a small rowing boat – there would have to be an island int the lake maybe with a summer-house… there would have to be trees… but we wouldn’t want to be isolated, we’d need to be within walking distance of a pub… and maybe not a lake, maybe the sea, we could live by the sea – a different type of sea than the slow, lazy, muddy sea we have here…

I’m sure such fortune will never come our way – but we have fortune enough as it is in every other way!


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