Coming soon…

I wrote a little while ago about being on Instagram; I think from what other people say that I use it differently from many. I don’t choose perfect photos from my library, or go out to do an Instagram ‘shoot’, I use it almost like a visual diary. If I see something interesting or intriguing, I take a photo and post it there and then. I don’t edit the photo except when the light is poor and by just a little adjustment the image would be clearer. I hope it’s interesting for people who look at my pictures, but it’s also interesting for me to look back on and see where I was and when.

I follow a lot of other people on Instagram, many I know but more I don’t. I follow people who live in places I love but can’t visit as often as i would like, Tasmania (probably my visit in 2017 was a once in a lifetime!) Iceland, Ireland… but also places I don’t ever think I’ll manage to get to – particularly Siberia! A massive, and wonderful, area with stunning scenery, fascinating people, and interesting wildlife. There are also people who post in a different way, sharing their art, the books, their poetry, their beliefs.

Just as I write here about writing (and other things of course!) and my ideas on the creative process, and share news about my books and my other ventures, I think I would like to use a new Instagram account to do the same. I always try to post a relevant or interesting image with my blogs, how much more so with Instagram, where the image is what draws people’s attention. I am going to start another Instagram page today, and I will share the link later. I hope maybe you’ll come and visit, and maybe leave some feedback!

Here is where I am now – and will continue to be, new site coming soon:


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