Quick trip to the pub

Sunday… so after a magnificent birthday roast dinner cooked by my son (a deli selection, followed by spatchcocked chicken, roast potatoes and honeyed parsnips, sprouts with dolcelatte, gravy, batter puddings, and a dessert of mixed fruit on a pasty base with chocolate ganache) and after husband had returned from his shanty-singing group, we drifted down to the pub in the hope of seeing the two T’s. We see one of them regularly at other times, but the other only pubs on Sunday evenings.

As usual the conversation ranged over a whole variety of different topics… ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘, s New Year in St Ives, fancy dress – particularly pirates, bubble cars, Midlands accents (there are many) what the village used to look like, the design of our houses… the great thing about pub conversations, you never know where they are going to lead.

Yesterday we had coffee in a nice place in town, and I looked round at all the people sitting at their tables, chatting away to each other. What’s the difference between a pub and a café like this one… in a pub, someone might pull up a chair at your table and start chatting, maybe a friend, maybe someone you nod to, maybe a complete stranger. In a pub people can just stand about, even on their own, and usually, sooner or later, someone will join them, standing up and engage them in conversation. At a pub groups of people might rearrange the furniture so they can all sit in a big huddle, chatting, laughing, enjoying the company. In a pub a complete stranger can walk in, stand at the bar, and soon be chatting to the bar person. Coffee places are great, I like visiting, but pubs are better, you’re never alone in a pub, unless of course you want to be, which is also perfectly fine!


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