Another quiz night

Tonight we set off to a new place for a new quiz organised by an old friend. Tonight was in a fairly new bar in town which none of us had been to before called Proud. It was very smart and bright and welcoming, and although we arrived slightly late (trouble parking) we quickly found a place and joined in for round two – we would catch up with round one later.

This quiz had a series of themed rounds, and two picture rounds. Our normal quiz at our pub, the Dolphin has two rounds of twenty-five questions, the squares to write the answers laid out in a random grid. When the answers are read out there is a bingo element – and the first person or team to get five in a row in any direction, or four corners, gets a prize; the full house gets a bigger prize. Tonight’s quiz was in a way more conventional, but the themes were very different!

We had a round on British villages – of which there are some extraordinarily, almost unbelievably eccentric place names. In the quiz there were five real villages and five made up names… we got about six right, i think, but there were only two I knew as definitely real. Then there was a list of ten words which were anagrams but for each there was only one possible single word which could be made. That was very tricky but we managed four – we found it more difficult because in the Dolphin quiz there are clues for the anagrams. There was a round where the answers were all books, I was so annoyed to get one of them wrong, the first book to be printed in the English language – I even thought of the right title and dismissed it – The Canterbury Tales!

There were other rounds too, and then the two picture rounds. One was pictures of ten fictional rabbits, and we managed to get nine right, including Brer Rabbit… which few other people seemed to know. The other picture round was stills from horror films, guess the monster, twenty of them… and even with a young film buff with us, we still only got thirteen! it was very difficult.

However the highlight of the quiz was a construction round… a dozen lolly sticks, three drinking straws and a bag of marshmallows… who could build the tallest tower… we managed a humiliating four inches, but we did have the consolation of being able to eat the marshmallows.

A fun evening! Looking forward to the next one!!

My featured image, by the way is from the last quiz we went to organised by my friend – one of the rounds involved making a hat…


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