It made me chuckle!

In puzzle books there used to be, and maybe still are puzzles where you are given a word and within a certain amount of moves, by changing one latter at a time and making a new actual word… here is an example from an interesting site:

In this type of puzzle you are given a word that must be changed into another word in a series of moves. During each move, you much change one letter in the previous word so as to form a new word. In the example, you will see that WILD was changed to TAME in four moves.
Example – Wild, Wile, Tile, Tale, Tame 
See if you can change the following five words in four moves.

  1. Face to Lift
  2. Hand to Book
  3. Neck to Ties
  4. Time to Card
  5. Left to Hand

I came across a visual version of this – well, in a way; there were six pictures – here is what they showed:

  1. the president of France
  2. a popular confection, very fashionable at the moment, made from meringue, two discs sandwiched together with buttercream or cream etc. and usually brightly coloured
  3. a small circular type of biscuit made from ground almonds, egg white, coconut etc, often decorated with a piece of glacé cherry
  4. a type of short pasta, often served with a cheese sauce
  5. an Italian inventor who was very much involved in radio communications and telegraph system
  6. a diminutive American film star born in 1914

I just thought it was really funny, and chuckled about it for longer than was necessary…

Here is who and what were shown:

  1. Macron
  2. macaron
  3. macaroon
  4. macaroni
  5. Marconi
  6. Mickey Rooney

… as for the other puzzles… answers tomorrow!


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