A group of musicians and the sound a clock makes

I set a little puzzle yesterday – it was one of those where you have two words and you have to change one letter at a time to change the first to the second word – all in four moves. The challenge was:

  • Face to Lift
  • Hand to Book
  • Neck to Ties
  • Time to Card
  • Left to Hand

Here are some clues:

Face to Lift

  • to tie up a shoe, or a delicate fabric with an open fancy pattern, made by weaving thread with bobbins
  • the plural of louse
  • the time from birth to death
  • Lift!

Hand to book –

  • a group of musicians
  • a link or the main character of many Ian Fleming novels
  • an onomatopaeic noise of something hitting something, often used for a hit on the head
  • Book!

Neck to Ties –

  • short for Nicholas
  • the sound a clock makes
  • facial twitches
  • Ties!

Time to Card –

  • not wild
  • a weed, especially among cereal
  • to look after someone
  • Card!

Left to Hand –

  • something which is loaned
  • to loan something
  • ground where something grows or can be built on
  • Hand!

If you still didn’t work it out, then here are the answers:

  • Face to Lift – lace/lice/life/lift
  • Hand to Book – band/bond/bonk/book
  • Neck to Ties – nick/tick/tics/ties
  • Time to Card – tame/tare/care/card
  • Left to Hand – lent/lend/land/hand

Here’s the link to yesterday’s post: https://wp.me/p2hGAs-6ZC

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