I wrote yesterday about a song which has been haunting me, and a video which accompanies it which has also haunted me. The song is ‘Quando, quando, quando’ and the video is an advert for perfume. For some reason it has entranced me, the whole thing, song, musicians, actress in the video, and no matter how often it comes on, I sit and actually properly watch it.

Quando, quando, quando was written in 1962 by Tony Renis with lyric by Alberto Testa. It was recorded by both Tony Renis and Emilio Pericoli and flew straight up the charts in Italy and then did the same when recorded in the same year by  Pat Boone; a;though he kept the first three words in Italian, the rest had been turned into English by Ervin Drake. Since then it must be one of the most recorded songs with just about every top name singing it, right up to Michael Bublé and Nellie Furtado in 2005. It’s sold over fifty million copies worldwide – what a lot! It’s melody and lyrics have been used countless times in films, adverts, TV… and now again with a Dolce & Gabbana advert starring Emila Clarke.

I’d not heard of Emilia Clarke, Emilia Isabelle Euphemia Rose Clark, until she appeared in this advert. She was so sparky, charming and fun – I thought she was brilliant. She’s thirty-two and an actress and is one of the stars of Game of Thrones. I have begun to read the books but want to wait until I’ve finished them before I watch the TV version – which everyone says is brilliant.. She doesn’t appear to have recorded any other songs, maybe she will now!



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