What else readers don’t want…

I’ve published a series of posts about what puts readers off a book – why they give up, abandon it, and maybe tell all their friends that they’ve done so – and why! As a reader it’s interesting to find what others think, as a writer it’s a helpful way to avoid pitfalls which might

I’ve mentioned some obvious things none of us like in books we’re reading, the actual writing and or style, errors, typos, sentence structure etc, and I’ve mentioned characters – a reader has to engage and believe in the characters, even if they don’t like them. The reader has to care what happens to them – good or bad! A reader doesn’t like to be patronised or misled or bluffed by false or contradictory information,  Readers don’t like the author inserting themselves indirectly or directly into a story, and they don’t like self-indulgent writing.

So what else do readers not like… no-one likes being bored…

Boring and tedious

  •  boring plot/characters
  • overwritten, rambling,
  • too much and too detailed description
  • lack of pace –  dragging and slow – even with a good plot
  • too tame
  • lack of action
  • lack of suspense
  • loss of interest in the story
  • repetitive
  • stagnant prose style

For many – but not all readers a good plot is vital:; so what can go wrong with a plot


  • unremitting sadness, gloom, depression
  • decisions by the characters without consequence
  • incomprehensible plot
  • reader being taken out of the story
  • too much/not enough information
  • blatant sexism, racism homophobia etc.
  • excessive gore
  • not enough action
  • contemporary factual error
  • waffle

These are all points to think about… I wonder if there is someway to make a manageable checklist… I will let you know!

Here is a link to my books… please let me know what you think of my characters, love them or hate them!




      1. FlowCoef

        URL trimming is a semifine art. Opn a new browser window in Private mode (Crtl+Shift+P), past the full thing in, take out a parameter that looks unneeded, hit enter. If it is still the same, or good enough, keep going. The extras are needless or improper.

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