Writing places

I’ve been thinking about the question, what is the perfect place to write… I guess I’m not that fussy except that for practical reasons, using a computer means I need a table to have it on and a chair for to be on. If I had a flat something to put a laptop on, and a chair which would accommodate me and it – I have short legs so small lap – then I could do without a table. It wouldn’t be ideal, because there are things I need, mostly bits of paper, but also photos, notebooks and so on.. oh and definitely somewhere for a mug or two for coffee and/or tea.

Do I need a particular environment? I’m not sure I really do – I’m pretty tolerant of noise unless it’s irritating in some way, particular singers, canned music on TV, droning noises… but even then if I’m writing I can pretty much ignore them. There are various books I need, and it’s good to have them within arms reach, and a printer occasionally. Do I want pictures or anything else on the wall? Not particularly, although I do have lots of pictures here where I write. Do I need objects or totems or particular items of significance… not really, although looking round now, I have collected a lot of random stuff, a toy Tasmanian devil, a pretty teacup and saucer, a picture of my sister, a Buddha’s head, a metal dog, a wombat… not a real one, obviously.

Do I need music, no – although I used to, and from time to time I put something on, but mostly no. The only sound is the bubbling of my fishes tank, and the occasional noise they make when thy want feeding. There’s usually the sound of a radio or TV from another room, and if the windows are open I can hear the children from the school next door. If the windows are open there is always the sound of birds, a lot of sparrows, seagulls, blue-tits, robins… for some reason we no longer see starlings, which is a shame, I love the cheeky chaps, and I’ve never seen either a blackbird or thrush in our garden.

One thing which is a necessity is a window – I do need to look out, by day or by night, whatever the weather, I do need a view of some sort. So where can I write? Anywhere with a window!

The view in my featured image is not from my window, but it’s from the room where we stayed for six weeks in Tasmania, a view across Hobart to the River Derwent… how I wish I was back there!!

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  1. david lewis

    I like the tick- tock of a clock in my room. It’s soothing and brings serenity to me. Like repeating a mantra. Slows down time and helps me concentrate. Try it and let me know how it worked for you.

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