A very happy and unusual official birthday!

My birthday is in early January, and coming hot-foot after wedding anniversary, son’s birthday, family Christmas party, husband’s birthday, Christmas etc,, New Year etc. it can get a little lost apart from a family celebration. This year instead of going out, my son cooked an amazing five-course meal, which was great, and then we went to the cinema, and finally toddled to the pub.

Somehow because of other things as well, my birthday passed by without my friends realising – I didn’t mind, of course, but when they realised they had missed it, the writing gang, i.e. The Lyme Four, decided that like the queen I should have an official birthday. It was declared that day should be yesterday, 9th of March, and it would be a surprise!

We met at 1:35 by  what might sound a mysterious place to non-Westoners, The Carrot… a strangely shaped but tiny bus shelter. We were going to our destination in Meadow Street, which since I confuse it with Orchard Street meant I really had no idea where I was going!

Off we set, the four of us, and I almost walked past it, a shop doorway, set back, the shop window painted over, blank and mysterious. What we had entered was an escape room! In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s an adventure in a series of darkened rooms where there is some premise – ours was we had to find and defuse a bomb which was set to blow-up the world! We were super-heroes and by solving puzzles and mysteries from clues and significant objects despite the crepuscular lack of light, we had to unlock a safe, unlock a briefcase within, find the combination code to defuse the bomb – and save the word!

It was great fun, and we did really well on our mission… unfortunately we ran out of time just as we had the last code in our hand, struggling to work out the number combination to the bomb… luckily this was just a game, so all are safe! Full of excitement and a sense of achievement at having come so close, we headed to find something to eat. A nice little tapas selection later, and I was surprised and excited to receive gifts and cards!!

What a great day, what fun we had, and how brilliant to have an official birthday! looking forward to next year, meanwhile we must start to plan the other three birthdays…


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