Hilda Clare’s sister Lesa Hallam

I’ve been exploring my grandmother’s autograph book and a couple of days ago I wrote about Hilda Clare Hallam, a friend of hers. Hilda was born in 1889 to Eliza and Frederick who was a dental instrument maker.. Several of Hida’s siblings were born in new York, including her sister Lesa in 1879. The family lived there for many years, and the parents may even have married there.

Lesa, or Lisa as she sometimes appears in the census, was an artist; when she was twenty-one her occupation is given as ‘artist at home’ and ten years later, just ;artist’ In fact she was quite well-known and if you Google her name you’ll find quite a few paintings by her. In grandma’s autograph book Lesa offers a pencil sketch of a child, dated 1907 when she was twenty-eight.

Lesa became quite a well-known artist and painter, and in 1903 she received a mention in the press about her work exhibited by the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours:

Colours in Piccadilly
The Exhibition of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours is rich in pictures this year, over 600 works being arranged at the Gallery in Piccadilly. Naturally, all these are not worthy of commendation, but a great many are above the average.
Of the flower painters… prominent amongst the 400 naturalists are Miss Ethel Webling and Miss Lesa Hallam.

In 1915, Lesa married Walter Schoeller, and I believe they moved to live abroad. I don’t know if they had any children, but I think probably not. I think they may have lived in France, but I can find out little more except that Lesa died in 1957.

Here is a link to what I wrote about her sister Hilda and the family:


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