More magentic poetry

I mentioned that I was given a magnetic poetry kit for my birthday – my official birthday that is, my actual birthday was in January, too close to Christmas and New Year. I keep writing magentic poetry so I’ve decide that’s what it should be.. maybe in a nod to Molesworth (Nigel) I might even call it peotry.

I shared my first attempt the other day… I was just playing with words and somehow created something.

Here is my first proper attempt… it’s about a woman who works in a hand-car wash… totally imagined, but I can see her clearly:

Car-wash Lady

Blow, spray,
Lather her lie
and never reveal
some raw, drunk, beauty.

She stayed with me, and now there is another poem or a second verse:

Sweet peach dreams

She was bitterly crushed,
yet as her blue fingers
smeared wax, she pictured
her sweet, peach skin.

This is certainly a fun exercise, and is actively creative; there’s a playful element and yet it takes concentration and lateral thinking. I didn’t have a picture of the car-wash lady, she emerged, and her story unfolded as arranged and rearranged the magnetic words.

I wonder what will come next? More about her, or something – or someone new?



  1. david lewis

    I once fell in love with a young car wash girl.The prettiest girl I’d ever met. I nicknamed her Cuddles. But everyone else called her Bubbles. And she was sure slippery when wet.

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    1. Lois

      Good grief!! No… this is a car-wash with maybe a dozen workers who wash and valet cars by hand… quite often these people aren’t here legally but trafficked in and are sadly what is now called ‘modern’ slave labour.


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