Pub quiz… the answers

Recently we have been going every other Sunday to a pub called The New Inn, in the tiny village of Kewstoke, less than a mile from Weston-super-Mare. We’ve been quite successful and a month ago we were asked if we would write and organise the quiz which we did, expecting to run it last night. However for various reasons, someone else had organised it, so we took part… and guess what, we won!

We will do the quiz in two weeks time… I shared a round here yesterday, here are the answers:

Media and music

  1. Name two of the four main characters from the TV series ‘Friends’. 2 from Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Ross or Chandler
  2. Which now famous actress was Curly Watts girlfriend Raquel in Coronation Street? Sarah Lancashire
  3. Who sings ‘Shotgun’? George Ezra
  4. In which Somerset city was ‘Hot Fuzz’ mostly filmed? Wells
  5. Which long-running TV series is set in Springfield? The Simpsons
  6. Which actress played the part of Sally Bowles in Cabaret? Lisa Minelli
  7. What part did the late actor Lesley Grantham play in Eastenders? ‘Dirty’ Den Watts
  8. In what year did Frank Sinatra die? Answers within two years, 1 point, correct answer 2 points 1998 (1996,1997,1999, 2000)
  9. Which composer’s symphony #8 was unfinished? Schubert
  10. What is the world’s longest running radio soap opera? The Archers
  11. Who sang ‘Time of my life’ aka ‘I’ve had the time of my life’? I point for each Bill Medley, Jennifer Warnes
  12. Who presented the radio show ‘Pick of the Pops’ from 1961-2000? Alan Freeman
  13. Which actor starred in ‘The Cincinnati Kid’, ‘The Sand Pebbles’ and ‘Bullett’? Steve McQueen
  14. Which two actors played Barbara and Tom Good in ‘The Good Life’? 1 point for each Felicity Kendall, Richard Briers
  15. What is the Beatles biggest selling album? Sergeant Pepper
  16. Where was Ariana Grande born? USA

I’ll share the other rounds in the next few days! My featured image is from Wells!

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