Going somewhere else in your head

I was half-listening to the radio this morning and tuned in to an interview with a singer called Jack Savoretti. I hadn’t heard of him before but he was very interesting in the way he talked about composing and writing his songs,. The interviewer, Ken Bruce was an example of how to interview – to make it sound like a conversation, but guide it in interesting ways.

They were talking about Jack’s latest album ‘Singing To Strangers’, and he told a rather sweet story about the origin of the title. A friend of his young daughter was asking what her dad did, as he always seemed to be coming and going and bringing her lovely presents. for her. ‘I don’t know’ the daughter replied, ”he just goes off round the world singing to strangers.’  That little phrase was perfect, and he’d found the title of his album. I guess when I write and share what I’ve written it’s with strangers…

Jack was born in London in 1983, to a half German, half Polish mother and an Italian dad, Jack grew up in London – when I was listening to the interview I thought he must be American from his accent, but he picked that up apparently from the school he went to in Switzerland. One of the things he talked about was how he composed his songs – it certainly rang a bell with me and how I write – not music I must say, much as I love music I am hopelessly unmusical! He recounted how he bought an old piano and sat down with it and somehow felt some sort of communion with the instrument; it was like being in a confessional, he said, just him ‘talking to a piece of wood,but actually you’re talking to yourself’ and this let him into a world of creativity. He has mentioned that he started his song-writing by writing poetry when he was young: “I was writing all the time, it was the thing to do, sit under a tree with a notebook, go somewhere else in your head. I was in the clouds.”  That really resonates with me, to go somewhere else in your head and write about it!

Here’s Jack:

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