Fighting for Cancer Research UK

A week ago I wrote about my son – which is unusually because proud though I am of my children I don’t often share anything about them. However, I did share about a challenge my son took up – to try and raise money for Cancer Research UK. Like almost everyone, we have family who have been taken by cancer, my grandparents, an aunty, my dad, and we have family who have survived it thanks to the treatment received.

My son who is a very peaceful person, a very caring person, who works in an office, took on this massive challenge – to enter a cage and fight in a Mixed Martial Arts event, in front of a massive audience. He has been training since Christmas, training hard, coming home from work at seven and straight to a session, finish at nine and straight into another one, not getting home or fed till after eleven. He has trained at weekends, and missed out on various other things in order to keep up his schedule.

His fight was last weekend; unfortunately we had booked to be away and couldn’t support him – although I don’t think I could have watched my boy in a fight, I would have sat nervously in the car-park waiting for it to be over. Needless to say I was watching the time and then to my relief a message came through. All was well! The fight had been stopped in the second round and declared a draw!

Well done to both him and his opponent, another ordinary young man trying to do his best to raise money. I am so proud of my son – well, I always am, but for taking on this challenge in particular.

If you do want to support Cancer Research UK, you can still donate:

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