More about Dorothy Daisy

This is an updated version of my post from three years ago:

I’ve written quite a lot about the National Mark Calendar of Cooking, issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and written by the food writer  Ambrose Heath, and the director of the Good House Keeping Institute and food columnist, Dorothy Daisy Cottington Taylor.

I’ve done a little research into Mrs Cottington Taylor and have found out that Dorothy Daisy was born in 1891; her parents were William Willis Gale born in 1868 and Mary Gale, née James,  born in 1869. In 1891 they were living in East Grinstead with their little daughter Kathleen Mary, born in 1889, William was then the town surveyor. They had moved to Epsom by the time the next census took place and Kathleen had a sister, Dorothy Daisy. 1911 William is now a civil engineer, and both his daughters are interested in what was then called ‘domestic science’. Dorothy was a domestic science student, and her sister Kathleen Mary taught the subject.

Kathleen married in 1916, and Dorothy in 1919 To Thomas Cottington-Taylor. Thomas Harold Cottington Taylor was probably born plain Thomas Taylor,  in 1880, son of James, a bank clerk in the Bank of England and Octavia Taylor. Thomas probably died in 1929 and Dorothy re-married in 1936, Albert Edward Louis Mash. Sadly she died at the age of forty-three… so young… Here is an obituary I found in the journal Perspectives in Public Health, October 1943:

Mrs Dorothy D. Mash, an associate of the Institute since 1923 died on March 17th. She was the author of books on cooking and housekeeping matters under the name of Dorothy Daisy Cottington Taylor. She qualified as a teacher of domestic economy and also gained the Institutes’ certificate as a sanitary inspector. During the last war she was engaged in welfare supervision at Woolwich Arsenal and at an aeroplane factory. She was director of the Good Housekeeping Institute from 1924 to 1940 and was associate editor of Homes and Gardens.

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