New Inn quiz – the answers!

Last night we had to run the quiz at one of the pubs we go to, and I shared a round of questions. Here now are the answers:

  1. Which English seaside town is famous for its tower? Blackpool
  2. What is the name for someone whose occupation involves making things from metal, usually iron? blacksmith
  3. What fruit is used in bramble jelly? blackberry
  4. What is the old word for a chalk board? blackboard
  5. What card game is also known as twenty-one, and is also a small liquorice chewy sweet? blackjack
  6. What is the president of the USA’s residence called? The White House
  7. What article of attire describes a person who works in an office or administration? white collar
  8. What used to be used for painting walls and is now used to describe a cover-up? whitewash
  9. Which character in a fairy tale ate a poisoned apple? Snow White
  10. What did Bing Crosby dream of? a white Christmas
  11. Which so called super-fruit is supposedly able to help maintain healthy bones, reduce blood pressure, manage diabetes, and ward off heart disease? blueberries
  12. Who was a character in the Goons, and would say such things as “”You rotten swine! You’ve deaded me!” Bluebottle
  13. Which folk tale character had many wives who he murdered? Bluebeard
  14. what are United Nations peace keepers often called? blue berets
  15. What celestial body saw someone standing alone, without a dream in their heart, without a love of their own? blue moon
  16. Who looks after the course at golf clubs? greenkeeper
  17. What is another word for a glass house? greenhouse
  18. Where do actors wait, or relax after a performance? green room
  19. Where did eloping couples run away to in order to get legally married? Gretna Green
  20. In which TV series did Windy Miller, Dr Mopp, Police Constable McGarry and Mrs Honeyman appear? Camberwick Green
  21. What is the link between the answers? They are all colours


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