The deepening fog

Living by the sea we get a lot of fog and mist when others even just a little further inland don’t, so it’s not surprising that fog also appears in my stories, This is an excerpt from the first novel I published, Farholm; Deke and Michael have separately gone to Farholm Island, each on a private mission. Through a muddle they end up sharing a cottage – I have to say here that this is not a romance – the two of them do not get together, this is a completely different kind of story! They don’t get on together but accidentally end up on a minibus tour of the island in an impenetrable fog. They both, for different reasons, want to visit a hippy commune up in the hills and get off there.

“The minibus won’t be running in this fog. If you want a lift back, ring me or Brenda Crewe,” and he pulled a tatty card from a pile of rubbish on the dash and handed it over his shoulder to Michael. “Don’t leave it too late, even we don’t go out in the fog once its dark.”
They thanked him and got out. He drove away into the fog, so dense that they couldn’t even make out the nearest of the Community buildings.
“Please let me apologise,” said Deke.
“There’s no need,” he turned up the collar of the denim jacket he was wearing. They had both come straight out without bothering with coats or waterproofs.
“I do need to apologise, what I said was indefensible. Perhaps all of you are right, perhaps I’m going mad, perhaps I do need to see someone.”
“I think – ”
But another voice hallooed them and a man walked towards them out of the fog. He was a member of the Community, that was obvious from his bright yellow trousers and orange and pink plaid wrapped around him and over his head.
“Come down, I’ll show you the way,” he said, smiling broadly. “I am Frost.”
It was one of the men who had greeted her before. Perhaps he wouldn’t recognize her.
“I’m Deke, and this is Michael,” she said as they followed the vision down the rough track. “Will anywhere be open?”
“Oh yes, we are always open to visitors, apart from Monday and even then anyone is welcome to share our Praise-day.”
He strode ahead, Deke moved cautiously, Michael as ever hovering beside her. The fog deepened in the dip where the village nestled so it was impossible to see from one building to the next.
“There’s a cafe here, isn’t there?” said Michael.
“Yes, the Snow Lotus Tea Room. Come on,” and Frost lead the way as sure-footed as if he had some different vision from them. “Here it is, here we are,” and he held open the door of one of the cottages.

To find out what happens, and whether they each solve their mysteries, here’s a link:


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