A burial chamber from the ancients

I’m plodding my way through my next book, I think I’ve got too many strands of narrative which is why I’m so slow… not far off now I hope. My main character Thomas Radwinter is researching a family’s history and comes across an interesting report in an old book:

I’d not been so far off when I’d been looking at Time Team and buried treasure hoards. One passage ‘by an unknown hand’ gave me some insight into what must have taken place –

One night in 1799 a group of gentlemen led by Monsieur Hopper, myself and the blacksmith Master Adam Robsper, carrying Mosaical wands, entered the crypt of Saint Svayn, a burial chamber from the ancients. We played the rods of hazel about upon the east side and the rods turned one over the other. Master Robsper did say that here we should dig and here we should find the treasure. Monsieur Hopper was not of the opinion, and Sir Josiah Splott looked pale in the light of the torches and was of the opinion we should quit this place.
I took up a spade and set to and the son of Master Robsper took up his spade. And then we did meet a stone coffin or a chest and at that very moment upon a sudden, so fierce and blustering a wind did sound and two of the candles were extinguished. Sir Josiah commanded to cease this desecration and leave Saint Svayn. Monsieur Hopper called out in a loud voice and dismissed the daemons and I took up my spade again. Sir Josiah called to me to desist, upon pain of losing my position.
I set down my spade and I followed Sir Josiah, which afterwards I very much repented.

Wow! This is sensational! They’d been what in essence was dowsing for gold! And had they found it?

If you haven’t yet read my Thomas Radwinter novels, here is a link:




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