Magic everywhere

Book club meetings trigger all sorts of conversations – and memories, apart from the book we have been reading. The book in question was The Binding by Bridget Collins – which I did not really enjoy, it seemed aimed at a different and much younger reader, over-written and in need of firm editing… intriguing ideas but drowning in words. However after discussing it we diverted into conversation about every other thing imaginable including radioactive bananas, dentists and clotted cream with strawberries. We caught up with each other’s news and reminisced about all sorts of things, including love and being in love, and someone said “ah, when you’re young and in love…” My thoughts went to a song which seemed to sum up those unique sentiments, by the Marvelettes.

The Marvelettes were school friends  Gladys Horton, Katherine Anderson, Georgeanna Tillman, Juanita Cowart and Georgia Dobbins, from Inkster Michigan. Their first song, made famous in the UK by the Beatles was Mr Postman, and other songs were I’ll Keep Holdin’ On, and My Baby Must Be a Magician. They were popular all through the 60’s, but the song we were thinking of tonight…

Spring in the air,
There’s magic everywhere
When you’re young and in love
Life seems to be
A world of fantasy
When you’re young and in love
Each night seems just like the Fourth of July
When stars spangle the sky
The moon at night (shines so bright)
Seems to shine twice as bright
When you’re young and in love
Ooh, dreams can come true
If you believe they do
When you’re young and in love
Though many tear drops are bound to fall
True love can conquer all
When you’re, when you’re young and in love

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