Writers in Stone

It’s nearly eighteen months ago now that I met up with a group of writers in the Old Town Quarry in Weston-super-Mare; some were friends from other writing and reading groups others were strangers, soon-to-be-friends. We wanted to meet together to help us get going with writing, to give us a kick up the metaphorical pants, to meet people to talk about writing as well as doing the graft. It was a beautiful sunny day and with suitable refreshments from the Rowan Tree Tea-room, we began to pull our ideas together. Our name came from the stone walls of the quarry which surrounded us, but we are subtitled  Kick up the A**e Writers… we’re a down to earth and practical gang!

We relocated from the quarry to The Bay, a seafront café and we have been meeting monthly and in-between ever since. When we were looking at what we had achieved over the first year, someone suggested an anthology… and now, I can proudly announce that an anthology has appeared. It’s entitled ‘Driftwood’ as that was one of the first topics we wrote about. This is the blurb:

This wonderful anthology covers the first year of the Writers in Stone writing group, with contributions from individual members on each of the monthly topics. Thirteen themes are tackled in the diverse styles of nine members, including poetry and prose, and ranging from sci-fi and fantasy pieces to macabre thrillers with a twist, and beautiful pastoral observations. These exciting and engaging writers each have a distinct style, and the joy of reading this anthology comes in discovering how differently they have approached the same topics. This is a book to return to time and again for lovers of short stories and poetry.

I think you will be amazed and delighted at the variety of stories in this book… you could buy it for yourself and it would also make a wonderful gift! We are an assortment of people and writers and poets and there is something for every taste. You may have read my contributions before, The entrance lock to the Manchester and Salford Junction Canal, Cherry and Glory Pride and The Three Mummers. You can find my stories here, but of course if you want to read the other really excellent writers, then you need to go here:

http://Driftwood: An Anthology (Writers in Stone) by Writers in Stone https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1798740311/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_U_x_mtRXCbN303RA1 via @AmazonUK


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