Re-use, recycle, chuck out

I’ve been throwing things out; I’ve been in the kitchen and looking through cupboards and finding bottles and jars and packets and decided whether we’re ever going to use whatever it is and then if it’s a ‘no’, out it goes, into the recycling. It probably seems to make perfect sense, but it’s really hard because I’ve been brought up not to waste, no to throw away, to make use of everything in some way. I was brought up recycling!

This sounds great, but when the fridge is full of funny little pots of leftovers then it does become a little ridiculous. So I’m trying to discipline myself. ‘Will anyone in the family eat this small portion of left-over cooked vegetables?’ The answer is generally ‘no’ – no-one is making a stew or shepherd’s pie or chilli into which could go these rather sad-looking vegetables. Ditto this left-over pasta/rice/porridge/custard etc. I’ve then tried to look further into the cupboards… no-one likes this peculiar grain I bought because I read somewhere it was healthy, this bottle of cordial is actually quite disgusting – it’s no good me thinking ‘oh, it’s a shame to just throw it away, it’s a shame to waste it,’  because no-one (not even me) is ever going to drink it.

I’ve mentioned the kitchen, but it’s even more so with bits of writing – generally on paper, although also here (not on the blog but on the magical place which is the cloud) I’m trying to throw out bits of paper with meaningless stuff on. My criteria is ‘am I going to use this to write something else’  and ‘am I going to copy it and use it on my blog’ What I’m throwing out is either dross, illegible, or incomprehensible… or embarrassing… I’ve come across a fair amount which should never see the light f day ever again except as an item made from recycled waste paper.

Something I haven’t yet tackled, which is quite daunting, are my family history files. When I was first able to access on-line information, I printed off anything I found which even vaguely related to my family’s history – and sometimes even things which didn’t which I now have no idea why I even did it.  I can’t quite face going through these bulging bags and boxes, but I must! It will be quite a task, to transfer the relevant stuff into proper files (here or as paper files) – it will be a task because there’s so much to go through, but also there is such great potential to become side-tracked and interested in old articles, stories, pieces of research!

It’s Bank Holiday Monday so I could start today… but I ought to do the ironing first… and i really should tidy the kitchen, the goldfish need cleaning… and there’s the sloe-gin contest at the pub this afternoon…




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