I mentioned yesterday that I’m going to enter a writing competition; it’s Somerset based, in Yeovil, and it’s called, unsurprisingly, the Yeovil Literary Prize competition. I’m entering the novel I’m writing set in the 1950’s about a reporter on a small provincial newspaper who is desperate to find a scoop. As usual I’m stuck for a title, so it’s provisionally called ‘Scooped’ – which isn’t very original, I know. I’ve shared some of the story here – the action revolves round a missing girl who just disappeared from a pub, leaving her friend and a pair of leather gloves and a scarf. The entry calls for a synopsis – which as i haven’t actually finished the story is somewhat difficult. However, I’ve imagined how it might end, which is a different way from how I usually work where I’m never sure which way a plot is going until it gets there. Anne Cleeves who writes the very popular Shetland books, and the Vera novels writes in the same way, so I’m in good company.

Here is the first part of the synopsis:

‘Scooped’ is a murder mystery set in 1954 in Easthope, a small run-down seaside and fishing town. Peace was declared nine years ago, but wartime experiences are still vivid and rationing has only just ended. People are on the move, looking for work, evacuees, ex-servicemen, British POWs, foreign POWs, Displaced Persons … It’s a time of change… exciting for some, depressing for others.
Mike Scott played a secret part in the war; ostensibly a pen-pusher, he actually had an active rôle in espionage administration. Now a reporter on the Easthope Bugle, a small weekly newspaper, he feels mediocre compared to friends served overseas.  Bored with reporting summer fêtes, school sports competitions and local dignitaries, Mike’s desperate for a scoop.
He meets Jenny, a young woman whose friend Rosie has disappeared; local police are uninterested – people continually come and go in Easthope.  Mike is attacked in a curiosity shop which was displaying Rosie’s old bowler hat – the elderly owner is unconscious and Mike is struck by a fleeing figure.
Among Rosie’s belongings is a pearl necklace in an envelope with the address of the Old Manor in a small Somerset village. He borrows a friend’s jalopy and drives to Somerset.

Here’s a link to the competition if you want to enter too – there are several categories including novels, short stories and poems:

… and her is a link to my books, none of which have yet won prizes:

Let me know what you think of them!

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