ABC and Hot Chocolate…

Whoever fed the juke-box in the Dolphin did a grand job tonight! There was a great variety of different music, of every genre, and how delighted I was when ABC ‘The Look of Love’ wafted through the pub, followed by ‘I believe in miracles’ by Hot Chocolate’. We were sitting in the cross-benches, the lounge (our end) was full and the public at the other end was busy.

ABC is/was such a great band; they began in Sheffield and the lead singer was Martin Fry; also in the band were Mark White, Stephen Singleton and  David Palmer. They had an amazing  ten UK and five US Top 40 hit singles and an album, The Lexicon of Love, which reached  number-one. Hot Chocolate is/was a 1970s/1980s band formed by Errol Brown and Tony Wilson and had a hit single every year from 1970 to 1984. I actually saw them live in Sheffield before they were really famous – it must have been 1971-2 and they were just sensational. It was in a West Indian club in Sheffield, and even at the time I realised that they were so amazingly talented and Errol Brown was just magic.


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