Family history writing group… what’s on the menu?

It’s my family history writing group this afternoon… we don’t do any research, that’s for another group, but we tell the stories. So what have I planned for this afternoon?

  • Last time we were thinking about places we remember, or have visited, or have researched which have a strong or important or significant connection to us or our family or your history
  • Today we are thinking about humorous stories from the past – our stories or our family’s. Sometimes we only have the bare bones of a story so maybe it’s worth thinking about linking two stories together to make something less than a snippet!
  • We could do this by making several events happen on one day, by including a character’s memories of a past event, by having a character tell a story within a story… there are several ways stories can be linked.
  • It might be necessary to have a foreword or introductory few sentences or a paragraph to clarify the true details and make it clear you have used some imagination to make the stories more interesting or clearer!

I am going to share the story I wrote which I posted here about ‘Jelly and Custard, which had two true things which happened to my dad, but I linked them by having him remember one as the other was going on. Other funny stories I could have told about him are the Rum Christmas, The Day He Met His Future Father-in-law, the time while he was in the parachute regiment and he was guarding the morgue and misplaced first a corpse and then his best friend and fellow guard…

If you missed ‘Jelly and Custard’, here’s the link:



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