Roughly an hour from home

Today we went on another jolly jaunt – yesterday Portishead in north Somerset, today Newport in south Wales. I am actually thinking of writing a little day out guide to places which can be reached from here, Weston-super-Mare in roughly an hour. As we are a holiday and tourist town it would be useful to use Weston as a base and go out from here, by train, bus or car with a journey which is not too long for a maximum stay in the place you’re visiting.

So from Weston – the expected Somerset places, Clevedon and the aforementioned Portishead, Bristol, of course, Bath and Wells, Glastonbury and Street, Tauton, Burnham and Bridgwater. People might think, oh yes Bristol, Bath and Wells… but then think Bridgwater? Burnham? What is there to see in either of those two places… well, if you read my blog you’ll know that there are loads of interesting things to do and see in both towns. There are many other places within about an hour’s drive in Somerset – traffic dependent obviously.

However, there are other places which visitors might not consider. I can imagine them saying oh yes do let’s go to Bath because it’s well known as a tourist destination, but they could just as easily get to the south coast of Devon and Dorset, to Lyme Regis, Seaton, Beer, Sidmouth… and then, as we did today, to south Wales. We had a very pleasant visit to Newport and nearby is the Roman town of Caerleon, and if you turn right instead of left going over the Severn Bridge, Monmouth is within easy reach, and if you go neither right nor left but straight on you could visit Caerphilly and its amazing castle..

I must put some thought to this… it will be fun to research!


  1. Richard

    One of my favourite places in S Wales is Caerwent. A fantastic Roman Town, well preserved. Also you can combine this with a visit to the quarry where the building stones came from and then you can investigate the imbricated boulders on the foreshore that is one of the proofs of the Severn Tsunami. To get to the foreshore you can see the pump house for the railway tunnel – still in use and the see the Pennant Sandstone on the foreshore with the ‘stripes” of coal. And on it goes, loads to see and, as you say, not far from Weston, AND the bridge is now free!

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    1. Lois

      We last went there a couple of years ago… maybe time to visit again! I haven’t been down to the foreshore, so that is on the list, also visiting the villages where there are memorial marks in the churches to show the 1605 tsunami level!


    1. Lois

      I’ll have to dedicate it to Gene Pitney of course, dear Gene… I saw him live when I was at school, such presence for a small bloke – such a voice!


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