A perfect pig!

We went to Kent for a few days and a beer festival… more on that later, and we booked accommodation at a pub called the Black Pig. The friends we were visiting didn’t know it, and had heard no reports of it as a pub or as somewhere to stay.

It was a glorious day and we arrived in Kent in beautiful sunshine and blue skies. The pub was in a village called Staple, two miles from where our friends live and we decided to book in and then meet up. Our road atlas only had the main roads, no tiny country lanes and we switched on good old sat-nav… good old sat-nav… except it couldn’t cope with Kentish lanes and we were lead all around a vineyard, an orchard, fields of wheat, tiny lanes barely a car’s width… and back to where we started…

Eventually, and I do mean eventually, we arrived in the village of Staple (even then we went wrong and left the village before we realised) but eventually a black and white Tudor building hove into view and there, yes, there was the Black Pig. Being interested in history we were excited to see the building was dated 1588 – since returning home I’ve discovered that i actually may be much older, possibly dating back to the thirteenth or fourteenth century. Like many old pubs, there was originally a brewery, and records show the first known about was in 1800.

We parked up and were welcomed by the chef and another member of staff who took us up to our room. We didn’t spend much time there as we left to meet our friends and then go to the festival where my husband was playing in a band – a long way to come for a gig, but it was worth it. We didn’t eat or drink in the Black Pig, but only because we were with our friends – but next time we come, we intend to! We had two very comfortable nights’ sleep, the bed was wonderful – I actually can sleep pretty much anywhere, but this bed was exceptional! If you’re heading to this part of Kent, it’s a great place to stay,,, it’s on Barnsole Road… the ‘sole’ part of the name is a local word meaning low lying land!

Here’s a little history:


… and more…


…and the Pig itself…



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