A force of nature

A force of nature is a natural phenomena, such as – according to Wikipedia,

  • weather – fog, thunder, tornadoes
  • biological processes –  decomposition, germination
  • physical processes, wave propagation, erosion, tidal flow,
  • natural disasters –  electromagnetic pulses, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes

A person can also be described as a force of nature when s/h is almost unstoppable and powerful. As you might imagine, the phrase has been used many times as a title for different things, such as books, films, TV series, song, albums… just about anything which could have a title has been given ‘Force/Forces of Nature’.

‘Force of Nature is by Jane Harper, her second published book. I read Jane’s stunning first novel, ‘The Dry’ and must have bored friends for ages with how good it was. Set in Australia it’s a crime novel set in a remote place in the outback during a long-lasting and dangerous heat-wave. It brilliantly captured what it must be like to live and try and work through such harsh conditions, as well as having a great mystery to unpick. I didn’t guess what the solution was, and there were plenty of inter-weaving story lines to puzzle over. Jane’s second novel, ‘Force of Nature’ features one of the same characters as in ‘The Dry’ but it’s a completely different story – about a person who goes missing.

I must say I am quite intrigued by people who go missing – my last novel, Saltpans, had aspects of that type of mystery except in my novel there was a found person not a missing person. ‘Force of Nature’ explores the characters of the companions of the missing person, and their character too, going backwards as well as forwards as the search progresses. It’s an intriguing weaving of past and present, and some of the strands go a long way back to childhood.

Here’s a link to something else I wrote about ‘Force of Nature’:


The reason I’ve been remembering it is because Jane has now published her next book ‘The Lost Man’… I only bought it the other day and I’ve finished it already… watch out for a review!

Here’s a link to my novel, Saltpans




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