We’re soon to be seeing our friends from the Netherlands and thinking of going to the airport made me think of an experience we had a couple of years ago…

I read in the news this evening (2018) that a flight from Bristol to Prague had been cancelled; reading between the lines, a group of men, probably on a stag ‘do’ had “treated a plane like “a nightclub”.. Police had been called,  and “a 32-year-old Merthyr Tydfil man was arrested for a public order offence and released under investigation.” It seems that the man and his friends had too much to drink, were loud and disruptive and the pilot had decided it was not safe to take off.

Last year we were going to the Netherlands to visit our dear friends. Within minutes of take off, everyone realised that on board was a group of young Welsh men on a stag do. It was perfectly obvious that they had already been drinking and they were quite noisy and excitable.

To be fair, there was no bad language, they weren’t interfering with anyone else, there was a lot of shouting and banter but to be honest, they were fairly harmless. However,  for some reason they decided to make fun of one of the stewards, Bob. They kept shouting his name and calling him for drinks etc, and although they weren’t insulting, they were actually quite rude. They also kept shouting to one of their number, Prosser. I don’t know who he was, but there was this yelling of ‘Bob!’ Bob!’ Prosser!! Hey, Prosser!. ‘Bob!’ .Prosser! 

We thought it was mildly irritating, somewhat funny, but basically harmless; however some of the passengers were quite upset by it, and first Bob, then the pilot made several appeals for passengers to calm down. To be honest it didn’t make a lot of difference, but it’s only a short flight and before long we were descending into the beautiful Netherlands and Schiphol Airport.. We landed, taxied and then for an unusual few minutes or so we had to stay on the plane… until the stewards and stewardesses began to direct us towards the aircraft exits… apart from Prosser and his friends.

We got off the plane and as we went down the steps we saw a group of Dutch police waiting… oh dear. We went into the airport and as we waited to go through, I looked back and saw the police going up the steps to the plane…

As we went through passport control, baggage reclaim and customs, we didn’t see Prosser and his Welsh friends…

I wonder if he was trying to go to Prague on Friday night?


  1. Andrew Petcher

    As you say, luckily a short flight. Airlines shouldn’t let passengers board if they have had too much to drink and they certainly shouldn’t sell them any more! I often fly to Alicante to visit my sister but I always avoid Friday flights because these are the worst for stag and hen party rowdiness!

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