Beyond the Point

Are you in need of a gripping read, with believable and yet interesting characters – even those with a walk-on part? Do you like a book which is set in a real location – and a very unusual location, one few have actually visited, vividly described without great chunks of ‘description’? Do you like action and pace and not one but several unexpected denouements – credible but giving you a ‘well, I didn’t see that coming‘ thought bubble bursting above your head? Is the story line intriguing, complex – but clearly defined, with sub-plots on different levels, all woven together and brought to a satisfying and in a couple of case, an unexpected conclusion?

If you’ve read the Nick Dixon books before, you’re in for a treat with the latest, ‘Beyond the Point’, if you haven’t read any of Damien Boyd’s series then lucky you, there’s a series of eight more waiting for you! Nick Dixon is a detective inspector working in Somerset; if you know the county and area you’ll have great fun ‘boyd-spotting’ as Damien uses real locations and places and you can follow the trail of the baddies as well as the goodies, visit pubs, pass the farm houses, drive down the streets – and see Hinkley Point across Bridgwater Bay. There really is a new nuclear reactor being built at Hinkley, and the site is where one of the murders take place and has an important part to play in the whole complex story.

Here is a link to the page on Damien’s site which can tell you more:

I read the first Nick Dixon book first, just by chance, so I’ve read them in order – and I do think that is probably the best way as there are various underlying themes which follow from book to book. But Damien has the knack of writing each one as a stand-alone, so if you start anywhere in the series you’re neither mystified by references to past stories, nor given spoilers which detracts from the puzzle if you have a hint of the outcome! It’s a really tricky thing to do – as I know from writing my Radwinter series!

‘Beyond the Point’ is – in my opinion, the best book in the series (so far!) but my favourites are ‘Dead Level’ which is set during the dreadful Somerset floods of 2014 where the crime scene is submerged beneath feet of filthy water, and ‘Dead Lock’ which features canals and locks  in Somerset and Wiltshire – and with a historical slant.

There’s always a mixture of excitement and regret when finishing a good book… I think I might go back to book 1 and reread the series, which might last until the next book is published,.. the next one, ‘Down Among the Dead’ is apparently being written right now!!!

My featured image was  taken in Burnham looking across the River Parrett  towards Hinkley Point C where the new nuclear reactor is being built… can you see the big menacing block at the end of the point?!


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