On the menu for the writing group

This afternoon it’s my writing group – not the family history one but the just writing group. We meet at 2:15 and we have a general catch-up of what we’ve been doing, what we’ve been writing, and any news, then I introduce a topic which we talk about, or an exercise that we do and I set the topic for next time we meet. It’s completely voluntary, and people can choose to write whatever they like of course. So this afternoon, what’s on the menu?

Monday 10th June for Monday 15th July

Last month we used creative non-fiction and/or writing something set in the past to narrate a true event or series of events which happened to us, or our family, or in our lifetime – the idea being to recall a past time creatively with small but evocative and telling details!

Today we’re looking to the future and writing about climate change.

This pertinent topic allows for a variety of different pieces, for our next meeting, 15th July, for example:

  • A story set in the future
  • A descriptive piece of an imagined future
  • A letter to a future generation
  • poem
  • A discursive piece on the situation today
  • Writing about a particular aspect of life today which impacts on the future, e.g.
    • the use of plastic
    • energy production (wind, wave, fossil fuels, nuclear etc.)
    • transport
    • import/export
    • food production and transport
    • young people and school strikes, Greta Thunberg etc.
  • a short play with only a few characters which we could perform on the subject – maybe protesters confronting politicians, striking school pupil and head teacher, family sitting round dinner table talking about changing their family’s life-style
  • … or anything on the subject in any form – letter to a newspaper, ‘Thought for Today’, blog post, review of an article/programme/book

As usual, you can also choose to write anything at all you like!

I wonder what we’ll create for next time!! Looking forward to it!!

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